Pleasanton sectional results

One of the cool things about a blog is that I can write results of local tournaments in a timely fashion–or as timely as a native procrastinator like me can muster.

So last weekend was the Pleasanton sectional.  Years ago we played this at the fairgrounds, now we have an elementary school.  It’s always fun to watch the smokers have to run all the way out to the street to cop a smoke.  Maybe someday the aptly named Ash el Sadi will be the healthiest guy around from all the exercise running outside every round.  Maybe not.

I only got to play one session on Saturday because we were going to the ballet that night.  There were only 13 tables, so we could only play 12 rounds (there’s a movement that would let us play 13 rounds, but it’s more work for the directors, so you know that didn’t happen).

The two session game was 3 sections of 11 tables–and the entire event was down 11 tables from last year just in this first session.  Not because of the food, though.  Livermore/Pleasanton is the smallest unit in the district, I think, but they manage to put out a very decent spread of goodies.

On to the results–which I’m just stealing  summarizing from the ACBL results webpage:

99er Pairs

Faith Greenberg and Arlee Maier 1st in E

Carol and Mark Penskar 1st in F

Evening Side Pairs

Gregory Reichert and Rainer Rungaldier 1st in A and B

Patricia Perry and Shirley Rodenborn, 2nd in A and B

Bracketed Swiss Teams–an event I hope never to play in again.  I hate bracketed teams–you play the same darned 7 teams over and over.  The newer players get no chance to play better teams and learn.  Masterpoints are given out essentially randomly.  At least it’s easy on the directing staff……….

Bracket I

Grant and Terry were on the 4th place team

Bracket IV

Brian Eisenberg, Jean Heninger,  Bee Sturmer and  Sharon Tarpinian were 1st.

Bracket VI

Mary Quinn, Theresa Patterson, Joel White and Susan White were 3rd

Next up is the Chris’ Birthday Regional in Burlingame in 10 days or so.  See you there.

2 thoughts on “Pleasanton sectional results

    • Chris,

      I am in total agreement about bracketed Swiss Teams! What is the point of playing the same teams? Why are people afraid of competition?

      Anyway, I wish our unit would drop the brackets on its Swiss Teams.


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