Bridge player discount!

Among my many quirks, I’ve always been fond of stationery stores.  It just seems like I could use everything they sell–even though I have no use at all for most of it.  I can wander for hours trying to come up for a use for binder tabs and alphabetizers and any manner of whatnot.

Now the ACBL is trying to help, if not my addiction, at least the cost of it.  There is an agreement with Office Max to give us all a discount on most of the things we buy there.  You can see the details and print out the discount card here.  Remember, they have school supplies for the kids/grandkids, too.

One thought on “Bridge player discount!

  1. Thanks, Chris. I’ve already printed off the discount coupon and will use it to print I/N flyers for the Reno tournament. Yahoo! Iris Libby

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