Enjoying home bridge

What kitchen tables are really made for

Bridge is a social game, but often we stress the game more than the social. Remember your parents and their friends playing at home?  Going out for dinner and an evening of cards at someone’s house?  Bring a dish to add to the pot luck supper?

Well, rejoice.  Home bridge is not dead, and you can still enjoy it anytime you want.  Just get on the phone, find 3 available couples and have a great time.

Last night, Danny and Linda Friedman did just that.  They invited Bob and Nancy Munson, Heidi and Mike Lippitt and Gail and I over for dinner and bridge.  We played three 8 board team matches, rotating teams.

Of course, one of the benefits of playing at home is that you can enjoy your adult beverages.

Heidi says this improves her game. Tastes pretty darned good, too.

The evening started with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and conversation, then the first match of the evening.  Next up was dinner:

Roasted parsley potatoes

Roasted parsley potatoes.

What can be better than sharing a meal with friends?  Linda and Nancy put together tri-tips, roasted potatoes,  green beans, salad and fresh baked bread.  Danny served, I carved, everyone pitched in.  Linda’s inner Jewish mother kept the food passing and the conversation moving.  This is what dinner is supposed to be.

Then back to the cards for another round, and Nancy brought out a macadamia nut tart.  One more match, and the evening was complete.

Of course, there was a prize for the winner–even without masterpoints we remain a competitive bunch.  The pair who won all 3 matches, the undefeated stars, the glowing victors, went home with a bag of fancy chocolates.   Modesty prevents me from naming this pair.

The victor with her spoils

And that’s how to enjoy a Saturday night without travelling to some tournament in a dim high school gym or Elks lodge or Moose lodge.  Gather your friends, cook a meal and get back to the pleasures of being social.  Thanks, Danny and Linda.

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