Chris’ Birthday Regional Update 2

Life is pretty good when you’re sitting in a beautiful hotel lobby overlooking the bay sipping a Bailey’s and writing a blog post.

Life would be even better if we had won our KO match (playing with Micky and Linda), but I guess you can’t have everything. Next up is the loser Swiss. We’ll see if that improves our lot. [Finished this post Saturday morning: we beat some teams, lost to the Stansby’s. Placed 3/4 in the event]

Some people have had success already, though. Let’s start with the big winners:

Cecilia Ip, Mike Rippey, Lee Medeiros and Lee Stanhope were the big winners in Bracket 4 of the Jefferson KO. It think it’s Mike’s first event win. Way to go!

Placing third in the same bracket were Randy Corr, Bill Barron, Lynne Humphrey, Pat Krock and Trisha Oconnor. Marvin Suchman, Jane Runson, Lynne and John White were 2nd in Bracket 3.

Ally Whiteneck and Bruce Johnsonbaugh came in 2nd in C Thursday afternoon in the side pairs, while Lynne Humprey and Pat Krock tuned up for their winning KO by placing 2nd in B in the morning side pairs.

The names Susan Cogan and Barbara De Heus seem to crop up frequently in the 299’r side pairs–I see a second on Thursday afternoon and again in the evening, Pat Rolandelli, Marilyn Vinnicomb, Dee Leblanc and Bill King are placing in those events, as well. I love to see our unit taking all the masterpoints.

Dan Scarola and Jack Scott were 2nd Thursday in the Seniors. On Wednesday, Gail and Barbara were 6th; Ching Chao and Bert Hall were 9th (and 4th in B).

Thursday’s big event was the open pairs qualifying to a Barometer finish–there were 58 tables, instead of the 18-20 the open pairs gets other days. Dmitri Shabes came in third, playing with Ashraf El Sadi. Mike Bandler and Bruce Tuttle were 7th.

Susan Rowley and her friend Kim played the open pairs Friday because their flight home was canceled. They went home with a section top, making the delay pretty much a good thing all around.

On the restaurant front, we went to dinner between sessions at Kincaids. It’s a mile or two south of the Marriott, right on the water. The service was fine, the view was great, Gail’s Prime Rib was excellent for dinner, and the leftovers were just as good for breakfast. I had a pea salad–haven’t had one in so long I’d forgotten how good they are. My scallops were pretty bland and over-breaded. Linda and Mike both had the Ahi–Linda’s looked great, Mike likes his cooked more than I would care for. I give the place a B.

Back to the battles today, more tonight.

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