Too damned much

It's a nice sandwich, but more than a little pricey

If you spend your life playing bridge, you spend much of it in luxury hotels. This isn’t really a bad thing, but there can be some drawbacks.

The Marriott this week has been very nice. The staff are attentive and helpful, the room has decent lighting and they have outdone themselves to accomodafe us with the parking–even providing valet parking for only $5.00/day when the self park lot is full. I consider that just fantastic.

So what’s to complain about, you might well ask. The prices in the snack bar are absurd, even by hotel standards. Eight bucks for a simple sandwich with no chips, three clams for a can of Pepsi. And we’re lucky to get a full sized can of Pepsi–the first day they were offering the measly 10 bottles.

Because they must think we’re sitting ducks, downstairs in the gift shop they sell the 20 oz. bottles for $2.75. Walk downstairs, save a quarter and get twice as much. Think bridge players are too dumb to figure that out?

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