Reno Results, Friday March 12

Danny and Linda Friedman are setting a pretty high standard for the rest of us–the qualified 20th in the Platinum Pairs event, which is just amazing.  The Platinum Pairs is an ultra-elite event open only to those with more than 200 Platinum points (which can only be won in Nationally rated events), or 50 in the last 3 years, or more than 10,000 masterpoints overall.  Bob Hamman qualified 14th.  This is the toughest event you’ll ever see.

Fred and Jeanne Cochran  are tearing up the  299’r pairs, placing in both of them yesterday.  Jack Scott, playing with Gene Simpson, was 3rd OA in the regional pairs.  Mike Lippitt qualified for the finals of the IMP pairs.

Lynn Humprey, Trisha Oconnor, Bill Barron and Pat Krock are going into the semi-finals of their KO today, having won both matches yesterday.  And, just to make it perfect, Joyce and Eldonna are doing the same thing.

Lots more people will be here today, lots more winners to report tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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