Saturday notes

Grant and Terry in the immense playing room. iPhone photo by Gail

Here in the land of big time gamblers, you can win a prize at the poker table for the “bad beat” of the day–holding the best hand that doesn’t win the pot.  Grant and Terry win that prize today–they played in the morning side game, scored over 72% and came in second.  Makes you wonder what you have to do to win in this joint.

The regionally rated flight a/x pairs today were extraordinarily tough.  Because all the really great players were in the Platinum Pairs yesterday, half of them didn’t make the cut and were playing in the regional game.  Don Mamula and I had to play against David Berkowitz and Michael Rosenberg today, among others.

Still, we were slightly above average in the first session and a tiny fraction below in the second.  Nothing marvelous, but they gave us 0.62 points so I’ll call it a victory.

Those were my second and third sessions today, since I woke up, chased the dancing girls out of the Totally Unofficial suite, called Gail and we played the 9 am game on Bridge Base Online.  Being able to play together even when we are in different cities is one of the nice things about online bridge.  There’s a tournament every hour on the hour.  12 boards, 55 minutes.  No, we didn’t win.

Gail flew up this afternoon.  She’s playing with Carol Scott tomorrow in the Silver Ribbon pairs while I play with Tom Jacobsen.  Picking her up was easy since the airport is only about 4 minutes from the hotel.  There was the usual long line at the valet park to get my car back, but a $5 bill moved me to the very front and the car was up in a flash.  Here in Reno, money talks loud.

Dinner was at Fin Fish here in the hotel.  The Grand Sierra has imported celebrity chef Charlie Palmer from Chicago to class up the joint, and he has 3 separate restaurants on site.  Fin Fish, naturally, is the seafood place.  It’s very modern, the prices are high, the food is good and the service is quick and efficient. If you go, consider just ordering appetizers–Gail had the fish and chips and it was more than enough for a meal.  I had a bowl of butternut squash soup, which comes with shrimp to fit the theme, and it was the biggest bowl of soup you can imagine.  My entreé of seared Ahi was excellent, but I couldn’t finish it.

Part of coming NABC’s is seeing friends who have moved.  We noticed Caryn Villalon this evening, and Julius Kerenyi placed in pairs yesterday.  I’ll keep my eyes open for more long lost localites as the week progresses.

Have to get to bed early tonight, they’re changing the clocks and I need all the beauty sleep I can arrange.  Tomorrow morning I’ll have a full report on today’s successes, tune in again.

One thought on “Saturday notes

  1. Great picture of Grant & Terri, Gail.
    Looks like everyone is having fun. Thanks for keeping us non-Reno goers in the loop, Chris.


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