Reno NABC results from Saturday March 13

We are all here in Reno for what we call a National tournament.  Officially, it is a North American Bridge Championship. In truth, this is a world wide event.  The winners of the IMP pairs are from Argentina, 2nd place went to a pair of Icelanders and third went to the Canadians.  In the Platinum pairs, the names at the top of the list are Polish.  Most of the top teams in Vanderbilt will have foreign players on the roster. Airfares are (relatively) cheap, and people come from Asia to compete as easily as we go to Milwaukee or St. Louis or Phoenix.  Where we were once a fairly insular American community, we have expanded to a polyglot, multi-cultural, international horde.  It may not be the start of world peace, but it sure is nice.

I guess having your picture on the Totally Unofficial Blog is a good thing–Grant Robinson and Terry Boyd averaged 63% yesterday in the B-C-D pairs to win the event. Coming on the heels of their 72% in the morning it was a fantastic day for them.

Joyce and Eldonna, playing with Rosemary and Peter Boss,  are still in the morning KO.

Manfred Michlmayr, Dan Scarola, Jack Scott and Jack Beers won Bracket 5 of compact KO’s.  John and Rebecca Kunzman are tearing up the 5/20/50 pairs games.

Ally Whiteneck and Bruce Johnsonbaugh were in the money last night in the 299’r pairs.  David Terris and Bob Liu were 5th OA in the Daylight Pairs (which they used to call Seniors, but now they let everyone play.  Of course, we’re all over 55 anyway so the distinction was silly)

Jeff Polisner and Ed Nagy were 10th overall in the A/X pairs. Don and I were average, but how else can I get my name in today?

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