Reno NABC results for Friday, March 19

Writing as I pack, or packing as I write.  If you find my green suspenders in here, I’ve done something wrong.  Too wound up to sleep much last night, so I’m excited and droopy-eyed all at the same time.  It’s going home day, I’ve been here over a week and the chickens miss me.

Back in the old days, when we were young and poor, we used to cram the rooms tournament hotels with people.  We would bring ice chests and microwaves and save money.  Reggie once came close to getting thrown out of this place when they found his barbecue.  The hotel is not quite that accommodating to its guests.

Now, were too old to bother and have enough money not to care about having 6 people in a room.  And Reggie has become a better player.  Yesterday, he and Dennis Teifel were 34th in the Red Ribbon pairs. Susan Ledford and her partner Tanya McCully (from Montana) were 41st.  Blair Hoffman and Jim Kuhn placed 5th, but who has a funny story about Blair?   Patricia Perry and Shirley Rodenborn were 63rd, showing the value of consistency–4 above average games together pay off.

EVENT WINNERS:  Bob Munson, Bruce Tuttle, Jack Beers and Manfred Michlmayr won Bracket 4 of the compact KO’s.  Bill Gates won bracket 3.  Yes, that Bill Gates.  I was behind him walking down the hall, and he was bemoaning the limits of his knowledge of multivariate algebra to Fred Gittleman (founder/owner/big kahuna of Bridge Base Online).  I guess we all have our problems.

EVENT WINNERS: Marj Russel and Carroll Brooks & friends won Bracket 12 of the compact KO’s.

Andrew Van Wye and Evan Price were 14th OA, 1st in B and C in the Open Pairs.

Just found my green suspenders.  Still 2 pair of dress socks short.

Ed Nagy and Jeff Polisner were 6th in the Silodor Open Pairs (a national event)

Patron members are supposed to have the Daily Bulletin delivered to their room every morning.  Except that it almost never works out.  I just got my very first delivery of the tournament, and it was Micky Bandler who brought it.  Either he wants to relive his boyhood paper route, or he wanted me to see that he and Linda, Dan Scarola, Tom Jacobson and Don Mamula were 2nd in bracket 2 of the KO’s. (for some reason, KO results aren’t showing up on the ACBL website where I find all this).  So I can also report that Jack Fulcher and Lisa Evans won bracket 5.  In bracket 6, Frank Concepcion and Hedy Wee were 2nd, while Troy and Roberta Lemons, Al and Valerie Petersen were 3rd.  Jack Meng and Judy Keilin were 2nd in bracket 8.

Tournament organizers had some pity on us last night–the refreshments were fruit salads.  Just the thing after a week of too much heavy food.  Unfortunately, the “sock hop” was country music, and I didn’t bring a horse.  Haven’t these people heard of rock and roll?  You can’t have a sock hop in pointy toed shit-kickers.

All socks are now present and accounted for.  Have some extra lingerie, but that’s just from the dancing girls–I’ll FedEx it back.  Time to hit the road.

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