A star in our midst

From today’s bulletin:

Five TDs earn promotions

Five tournament directors working at this
tournament have been promoted to associate
national rank:
Nancy Boyd, San Ramon CA.
The first time I played with Nancy was probably 30 years ago, when she was still a shining Blue Cross executive.  Those were the days when she lived in business suits and silk shirts.
But Nancy is a touch too independent for corporate life, so she struck out on her own, starting The Time in Your Life, which would do anything legal for $12/hr (a decent wage at the time).   From there, she got involved in HR software for school districts, and has been all over the country doing whatever it is she does.
Being the bossy type, Nancy naturally gravitated from playing to directing.  Starting on Thursday nights at the club, she has moved on up. Since she’s good at it, she keeps getting promoted.  Nancy has the tech skills to keep the computer system up, and the people skills to keep the game moving and the players happy.
Congratulation, Nancy.  We’re lucky to have you around here.

One thought on “A star in our midst

  1. Jim and I join your congratulations, Chris. It’s also fun for us to learn about Nancy’s work background prior to bridge directing. Suits and silk shirts, oh, my!

    You are right about how deserving she is — she is good AND she keeps making it all fun. Methinks the ACBL should hire her to do in-service training. Too many directors seem burned out, bored and grumpy. They clearly have no interest in making the game fun — that would be asking too much!

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