Reno NABC results for Saturday, March 20

Just because I came home doesn’t mean I won’t be keeping up with the news.  Sometimes, that’s pretty easy to do.  I opened up the results this morning, and the very first thing I saw was Grant Robinson and Terry Boyd winning another morning side game, 63.3%, 30 tables.  Consistency always impresses me.

Was I the only one who noticed the rare co-incidence yesterday?  Jeff and Ed were the #6 qualifiers for the Open Pairs, and the #6 finishers?

The National Swiss started yesterday, and the leaders after day one are Hamman, Zia, Meckstroth and Rodwell.  No Nickell (who is really a very good player himself), just the 4 top pros.  It’s always a tough event, but this is ridiculous.  Still, Bob Munson and Bruce Tuttle perched in 5th place,  Bipin Patel is 38th, Mike Bandler and Billy Miller qualified 48th and another mystery man, Matthew Haag of Walnut Creek, is 69th.  The finals are today.

They publish a list of the most successful I/N players, and Fred and Jeanne Cochran are 40th, winning 8.03 points so far.  Which is about twice what I brought home.

Andrew Van Wye and Evan Price won a 299 Swiss Teams.

Manfred Michlmayr and Jack Beers were 4th, (2nd in B) is the pairs game.  How can these guys still be in strat B?  Susan Ledford was 6th in the same event.

Grant and Terry, yet again, playing with Larry Miller and Brad Komsthoeft, were 4th in the Saturday Swiss.  Reggie and Dennis, fresh off the great showing in the Red Ribbon, were in the overall of the Daylight Pairs (used to be the seniors, before they realized that everyone is a senior).

I’ve searched two different ACBL web pages, and I still don’t think I’m finding enough KO results, so there may well be winners I’m overlooking.  Which is why you should email me when you win something.  Now that I’m home I won’t find you dancing on a table celebrating.

Now it’s time to go out and play with the new chickens.  More tomorrow.

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