Reno NABC results, final

Final.  Finally.  At last.  I’ve been to plenty of nationals, sometimes staying as long as 2 whole weeks, yet none seemed longer than this one, even though I came home on Saturday morning.  I think the city of Reno is just tiring.  On the good side, the comps system at the hotel pays off–I got almost $4 taken off my bill for the time Gail and I spent at the tables.

Attendance was 12, 196.5 tables.  A heck of a lot of people for a town with barely two decent restaurants and no trees.  Next time, in 6 years or so, I think we’ll be downtown.  More hotels in walking distance, much easier to get out for an hour or two and get some fresh mountain air.

Grant and Terry went out with a bang, coming in 6th in the BCD teams with Larry Miller and Brad Komsthoeft.

More people I don’t know:  Sandra Williams of Walnut Creek was 14th OA, 4th in the X flight of the A/X teams Sunday.

Linda Bandler and Tom Jacobson were 9th in the Fast Pairs.

Bob Munson and Bruce Tuttle took 40th in the North American Swiss teams.

In the immortal words on Dennis Miller, “That’s the news and I am outta here.”  At least until the next tournament, or restaurant, or movie, or trip arises.  Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Reno NABC results, final

  1. To give some perspective: The attendance placed it as the 8th biggest Spring NABC of all time. The three prior Reno tournaments were larger, as was Vancouver in 99 and Pasadena in 92. Otherwise, no other Spring location outdrew this attendance in the last 30 some years.

    The last three Spring NABC’s attendance: 2007 in St. Louis was 10232, Detroit in 2008 was 8553 and Houston last year was 9728.

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