Perfectly dreadful

Did you ever see such a pitiful number of plus scores?

I set a new record today.  Gail and I played at Mosswood, as we do every Tuesday, and we managed a total of FOUR plus scores.

We made one game, and one partial.  Set the opponents twice.  That’s all, folks.  Every one of the other 22 boards we got a negative score on–although we were only set twice, the opponents made 6 games and 3 slams.

At least our score sheet was exceptionally tidy.  And we weren’t last. We weren’t next to last.  Third underall, that’s us.  41.14%, which is actually much better than I thought we were doing.

Once, 4 or 5 years ago, Gail and I had a 28% game.  Today’s game felt just as bad, yet was almost half again as good.  Probably because it is so hard to estimate your game when all the cards are against you and they are making contract after contract.

At least it’s over.  But that’s the single most dreadful looking private score I have ever seen, and I hope to never see one like it again.


4 thoughts on “Perfectly dreadful

  1. Your sheet looks very similar to mine from Monday night at TBC, and we had about the same percentage! Couldn’t wait to get out of there at the end of the game — practically bolted out the door. But we had the distinction of being dead last. I don’t know which I think is better — being bottom of the barrel or 3rd from the bottom. I don’t think there’s actually much difference in either!


  2. Had a KO card like that once…1 plus score (at least it was a vul game), 11 minuses and a pass-out. Glad that my teammates had fun as I could only envision situations of losing IMPs on virtually all boards.

  3. Cannot recall a card like that. I am sure my early days featured many. HOWEVER, I can recall defending 51 of 54 boards in a matchpoint event in Red Bluff California. As my partner Douglas Jacobs will no doubt say “We should have defended 52” … we ended up 3rd O/A proving you don’t have to play the hand to win…but you better defend well…cuz that’s 1/2 the game

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