I’m Number 3248!!

Okay, I’d like to say I’m number one, but it just isn’t happening.

They posted the list of masterpoint winners in Reno, and out of  4571 players who won masterpoints, I’m number 3248.  I brought home a massive 4.48 points for my week’s play.

The highest total in our area belongs to Kit Woolsey, of Kensington. He was 25th with 188.75 points for the week.  Manfred Michlmayr picked up 51 points, and the mystery man Wayne Rechnitz is 2260th with 9.42 points.  Who is this guy?

Judy Keilin and Jack Meng hit it big for over 20 points.  Ching Chao, playing with pick up partners most of the time, brought home 18, Fred and Jeanne Cochran are in for almost 12.

Joyce and Harold Mirwald  picked up 7.46 points, Carol Cottam has 4.6, Joyce and Eldonna won 3.90.

And since somebody has to hold down the last place, let’s note that new player Carl Caven, of Walnut Creek, gets the place of honor, winning 0.18 points and getting the prize for being 4571st.  Good for him.

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