The lost Forum article

Okay, it happened again.  I wrote an article for the Contract Bridge Forum this month, really I did.  Not all that interesting, since it had to be written before the nationals, but I wrote it.

What I may not have done is written it in time.  My idea of a deadline doesn’t seem to be the same as my editor’s.  I think of it as more of a guideline, a suggestion.  He has an entirely different sense of humor.

So he didn’t print it, the rascal.  Fortunately, I still have it on my computer, so here it is.  I’m going to print it out and take it to the Bridge Center, if anyone is going to Judy Lowe’s club in Danville, or Rossmoor, or Discovery Bay I’d appreciate it if you took them a copy, as well.

Big doings at The Bridge Center this weekend—by which I mean the first weekend in March, since that’s when I get to write this epistle.

Friday night, Ron had his first (of I hope many) Barometer game.  Now that we have a dealing machine, it is fairly easy to duplicate 8 or 9 sets of boards.  16 ½ tables showed up, we had a great pot luck supper beforehand, and the night was a success.  Grant Vance and Jessica Lai were the overall winners.

The very next morning, Ally Whiteneck had the first of her beginner/intermediate mentoring sessions.  What a winner that idea was!!  Fourteen tables of newer players showed up to play pre-duplicated hands with an experienced player sitting as the fifth chair to give comments and advice. The hands were analyzed by Grant Robinson, and printed out in a format that he will be able to post on the web, as well. It’s simply brilliant.  Ally will be repeating the exercise regularly, the next session is scheduled for April 3.  You can email her at: if you want to be either a mentor or mentee.

So let’s go back in time to the Chris’ Birthday  Regional.  I think I managed to give you some of the early results, but then Gail and I flitted off to Cuba for a week and missed the last couple of days.  (You know about my Cuba trip, right?  There were great blog posts every day. Read all about it at Starting with the Saturday Imp Pairs, which Dmitri Shabes and Daniel Tataru walked off with.  Terry Boyd took third in the morning Side Series—how do you look that good without extra beauty sleep?  My darlings Eldonna and Joyce were second in bracket 3 of the morning compact KO’s while Gopi and Kay Aylar, Judy and John Sherwood were 4th in the same bracket.

Sunday, Susan Ledford and Lorin Waxman were 2nd in B in the Seniors.   The Sunday evening Swiss, strats B and C winners were Andy Fine, Ellen Beltran, Hedy Wee and Stephanie Singer.

Danny and Linda Friedman were on the winning X team in the Monday A/X Swiss.  Second in the B flight went to Troy and Roberta Lemons, Al and Valerie Petersen.

On to the San Mateo sectional. Evan and Courtney Price were 2nd in the X strat of the A/X pairs.  Andy Fine and Hedy Wee were 2nd in B.

The unit is having a Swiss team unit game March 27. Get 3 of your best friends together and show up.

Next month is the sectional—but it’s not the Iron Horse sectional, anymore.  It’s at Pine Valley School, which is located at 3000 Pine Valley Road, somewhat south of Iron Horse.  Look on a map, don’t get lost, don’t go to the wrong spot.  April 16, 17, 18.  Elegant Pairs Friday night—get out your finest, arrange a hot date, the women all fall for a guy in a tux.  I’ll be in Gatlinburg, is there a volunteer for Cleavage Prize judge?

And that’s it for March. The Reno NABC is coming up, there should be big news next month.  Regular updates available on the blog  Email me with your own successes at and you’ll never be left out.

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