Now that’s a tough field

It’s a little known fact that I run a sanctioned bridge game.

Twice a year, Gail and I throw a bridge party.  Gail thought it would be fun to offer masterpoints, so I applied for a sanction, and now the Art House Invitational is a legal establishment.

It has grown over the last 4 years from 8 tables to 16, which is the limit our house can hold.  I have to hire men to take all the furniture out of the den and most out of the living room, and there is very little room to move anyway.  But cram them in we do, and people seem to have a good time.

Tonight, Cass Hawes and Jim Kuhn came in 3rd E/W, with a 53.73%  game.  Normally, the people who place 3rd don’t get too much praise, but tonight is different.  First place went to Hugh and Min Ross.  Hugh is a multiple world champion, who has retired from serious competition.  Second place were Lew and Joanna Stansby, both of who are world champions.  Lew took 2nd place in the Vanderbilt last week, and second place tonight.  I guess he’s on a roll.

So Cass and Jim came in right behind two of the toughest pairs in the world, playing in a home game in Lafayette.

2 thoughts on “Now that’s a tough field

  1. Amazing what you can do when you restrict yourself to only two margaritas!

    Thanks for the good press, Chris. We had fun.


  2. Very. Nice party. I love the house, the people, and the bridge . It is lovely for you both to host events that we all look forward to attending. I am sure it would be even better if my partner and I could pull off a win. Thanks for having me

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