Tuesday rambling

I’m sick.  Sort of.  I’ve been coughing like crazy since the Saturday before I left for Gatlinburg. Deep, hard, wracking coughs. So when we got home, I called Kaiser–they got me an appointment an hour and a half after I called–you can’t beat that.

The doctor says I don’t have a cold, I don’t have an infection, I don’t have congestive heart failure or even creeping coreopsis.  I’m apparently just coughing for the heck of it.  He gave me some stuff to make it stop, maybe.

Or maybe not–since I’m still coughing.  How long after you see the doctor should you wait to see if you’re going to get better, or call again?  They don’t teach that one in school.  I guess I’ll wait until Thursday morning.  If I die first, Kaiser wins.

. . .

Going to Gatlinburg is great, but it means I miss our sectional.  And I can’t judge the cleavage prize, which is one of the highlights of my year.  No great cleavage in Gatlinburg, (how sexy can you look in a redneck t-shirt?) although there were a couple of impressive displays at the wedding.

Looking at the results online, Grant and Jessica won the Elegant Pairs–and I’ll bet they were well dressed, too.  Steve and Colette Castellino topped the B field.

Notice that BJ Ledgerwood snagged Joanna Stansby as a partner in the Swiss Teams. I’m impressed.

It seems strange to write about a tournament I missed when all my readers were most likely there, so I think I’ll stop now.

. . .

Another example of how the world is getting smaller–Gail is supposed to play in Santa Cruz on Friday with her cousin.  But the cousin is in San Francisco, babysitting her grandkids, and may not get free because her son and daughter in law have been stuck in London for 5 days due to the volcano.  So many of us travel so much that a crisis anywhere becomes a crisis everywhere.  My travel agent is busy with a couple stuck in Italy, too.

We crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II with the Bandlers and the Katz 2 years ago.  (Katz’?  Katzes? Katzii?  What the heck is the plural of Katz?) (Okay, Mike and Pam Katz.)  I suppose it’s a fun way to travel, but I’d hate to have to take a cruise ship every time I wanted to go to Europe. Is the world going to go backwards?  It isn’t just tourism; over 1/4 of all imports to England come by air.  Vegetables from Morocco.  Flowers from Kenya.  Oranges from Australia.  The impact on world trade is staggering.

. . .

Coughing again.  Time to make an enormous hot toddy–Thera-Flu, bourbon, tea & honey.  Sip slowly and sleep the sleep of the just.  It won’t cure me, but at least I’ll sleep well and sometimes thats the best cure of all.

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