I really am 6′ 4″, dammit

I always wanted my name in lights. This may be as good as it gets.

Back to Kaiser this morning, the coughing still continues.  When Gail tells me I sound bad and should go to the doctor, I must be really sick, she’s not the most sympathetic of people when it comes to being ill.

They’re adding on at Kaiser, or remodeling, or something, and the front parking lot is closed.  There were SEVEN guys in hard hat and orange vests standing around holding “Slow” signs and point traffic in, well, the same direction as usual.  No wonder construction costs so much.

Check in at a computer terminal, pay the $25 to the machine.  Should be a good, quick system that uses less labor.  Except it doesn’t tell me where to go from there, so I have to stand in line and talk to the clerk anyway.  I guess they’ll get the kinks worked out sooner or later.

The nurse takes me in, takes my blood pressure and temp and weight and asks me, as always, how tall I am.  As if it has changed in the last 40 years.  So I tell her, as I always do, that I’m 6′ 4″.  That’s how tall I think I am, or should be, and every day I wake up thinking this is the day I start that last growth spurt.  I already have the weight, just need another 6 inches in the legs.

The nurse dutifully writes down 6 foor 4, and I go in to see the doctor.  They either have no eyes, or no imagination, or just don’t care.  I’ll never figure out why they ask that silly question, and I’ll never give them a straight answer.

Since this is an urgent care appointment, I get whatever doctor is on rotation today.  Turns out to be Doctor Shen, who looks and talks and acts just like Ching Chao.  I thought he was going to give me a bridge hand to bid, but he didn’t.  Just listened and poked and prodded and thumped, then told me I had a cold.  Gee, that must be some good med school he went to.

Not just any cold, but a viral cold, so antibiotics won’t do a thing.  The bottom line: I won’t die, will get better eventually, won’t have much fun in the process.  Keep warm, get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids.

Patty Perry told me the same things in an email yesterday morning–I should have listened to her and saved the $25.

Not that I plan much rest.  We had some people over this evening planning the annual gala for the Ruth Bancroft Garden.  It will be pretty splendid this year, maybe I can persuade some of you to go with us.  Tomorrow we’re off to Santa Cruz to play cards with cousin Mary and her husband John.  Then dinner and a movie with them, and Gail’s sister and brother-in-law.  Can’t take a chance that somebody is having fun and we aren’t there.

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