Hard work pays off

Chef d'cuisine Daniel Clayton with his favorite customer

I’ve mentioned Nibblers Eatery before, but this weekend was so special I decided to do it again.

Five years ago, Daniel and Tracy opened the place, and they have worked day and night ever since.  They don’t just maintain the status quo, they are always changing and innovating, with new menu items almost every week, new international themes every month.

Just by eating at my local boite, it’s like I’ve been to Indonesia, Scotland, India, Argentina, Hungary and a dozen other nations.  How Daniel manages to find the recipes, and the ingredients, and the time to do it all, I have no idea.

Ever rowdy wine maven Tracy

Tracy runs the front of the house with grace and humor.  She knows her wines, she knows her customers, she knows the food.  She never seems to have a serious bone in her body, but she manages to be all business at the same time.

Tracy’s daughter Heather waits tables, expedites orders and brightens everyone’s day.  I think she goes to school by day, and parties after Nibblers closes.  There is no lack of energy in this clan.

Daughter Heather, waitress extraordinaire

Gail and I consider ourselves lucky to have such an interesting and different local restaurant.  In a field where 90% of business fail withing 5 years, and then in a poor economy as well, Daniel and Tracy have proven that hard work and talent will succeed.  Good for them.

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