Going in The Door

Gail, Iris and Margaret--it's always wisest to go out with three women at a time

Out to dinner tonight, to a place we’d never been before, The Door.

We went with Iris Libby and Margaret Kozak.  Iris wanted us to try this new place she’d found, and then follow her back to her new apartment for dessert.  That sounded like a plan to me, so off we went to 1448 South Main, across from Kaiser Hospital.

The Door turns out to be a modern, upscale, Asian-Fusion establishment featuring both small and large plates.  Small plates are appetizer sized and designed to be shared, large plates are entree size.

Gail and I like small plate restaurants–we can order many different dishes and try more things.  Tonight, we had about 8 plates for the 4 of us.

First up was the green papaya salad.  I’ve never much liked the big chunks of papaya on tropical breakfast buffets, and always loved the shredded green papaya in salad.  I liked this salad, except for the grapefruit sections.  Years of selective breeding may have made the average grapefruit more sweet than it was in my youth, but I still think God made a mistake with these overgrown, bitter, acrid lemons.

Did you know that calamari has a season?  I didn’t, until last week when we had some really fantastic calamari at Nibblers, and the chef told us that this was the best time of year for squid.  It must still be the season, because the calamari tonight tender and tasty as well as beautifully prepared.

Then there was an avalanche of delectable goodies.  We loved the barbecued pork spare ribs, yet thought the pork belly was less good.   The shrimp and avocado fresh roll was mostly cucumber–not that it was bad, it just didn’t taste much like either shrimp or avocado.

Overall?  I’d go back.  Service was attentive.  They only iced tea they serve is mango flavored, which just doesn’t make it for me.  So I had them bring me a pot of hot tea and two glasses of ice, which they did easily and even found a third glass of ice for me later without being asked.  The tab for the 4 of us, with a couple of glasses of wine, tax and tip included, was just $100.  That’s pretty reasonable for Walnut Creek.

Then we went back to Chez Iris. I got to enjoy some pistachio ice cream and a glass of Baileys while Iris entertained us on the piano.  And she doesn’t even have a big balloon tip glass.  It was a great evening.

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