The learning never ends

Class is in session.

So I had to race home from work today and boot up two computers, but it was all for a good cause–Billy Miller was teaching another class, and I needed Bridge Base Online on one computer and Skype on the other. Really cool guys can get them both going with only one machine, but not me.

Billy lays out hands and auctions inside a private chat room on Bridge Base, while doing his teaching in a Skype conference call. The students can respond to his questions and the call if free, so it’s really a great system.

Today’s lesson was on Modified Baze, a system for getting to slam over NT openers. There were perhaps 15 or 20 of us in the class, and it was decidedly time well spent. Now I just have to teach it all to Mike……..

I remember reading years ago about teaching over the radio to high school students in Australia separated by hundreds of mile way far in the outback. Technology has improved, and now Billy can have a class with people anywhere in the world. Your meager $25 payment goes in by PayPal, the lessons come over the internet, life is good.

Gail has already taken his classes on opening leads and squeezes. This class was much more partnership oriented, so I sat in as well. BJ and Terry came over, along with Kay and Barbara. Yes, they all paid him–life is too short to be worried about ripping Mr. Miller off for twenty-five bucks. The topic for the next class is up in the air right now, but you’ll see him in Sacramento next week and can give him some good ideas.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to be on the mailing list for lessons, send him a note at

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