I’m losing faith

Still no luggage.

Beth, the Travel Goddess, is working her skinny butt off, contacting American Air, contacting my travel insurance company.

I’m hounding Ethiopian Air.

Everybody says the bags are in Cairo, and will be here soon.  I’m of the opinion that someone is trying to sell extra large jockey shorts in the Cairo Bazaar.

The levels of incompetence are mind boggling, even within the “TIA” (this is Africa) attitude that prevails here.

This morning I tried to take my laptop to the little internet shop down the street where they told me I could plug it in–that’s much easier, since I can write articles on the laptop at night and then just copy them to the blog.

Of course they couldn’t get anything to work.  They have 5 computers, all ancient, all as virus infected as a Bombay street hooker.  The women who run the place are very nice, but they know less about computers than I do, which isn’t saying much.

And yes, I could do this with a flash drive.  I even brought two.  They are in my luggage.

So I guess I’ll just whine and gripe, and then we’ll go out and do what we came here for–help some kids.  That’s the point, anyway.

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