Pants!!! I bought Pants!!!

I got pants!! And socks.  And a comb.

I’ve got just about everything I need.  Life is looking up.

And still, every day I’m calling the airline and screaming at them.  Todoay, I suggested that perhaps they should give me a ticket to Cairo and I’ll go up and get the damned bags myself.  I didn’t expect them to actually do that, but it was fun to watch them sputter and gasp.  There isn’t anyone on this continent with the spunk and creativity to come up with a solution like that and actually make it happen.

I may as well have fun.  I sure as hell don’t have my bags.

But I do have clean pants!!

4 thoughts on “Pants!!! I bought Pants!!!

    • I’d love to take the $1500, but it doesn’t exist. That’s the MAX the airlines have to pay, but they fight tooth and nail not to have to do it.

      They will want me to provide receipts for everything in the case. Strangely, I don’t keep receipts for my socks and jockey shorts. They will then depreciate everything–my suitcase may have cost $700, but that was 500,000 miles ago, and they will offer me $14.67 for it.

      And the money is not the important thing right at the moment, anyway. Here, now, I need things like clean pants (which I finally got). Contact lens solution, which is unavailable in this entire nation, I think. My CPAP machine, for sleep apnea, which is also unobtainable at any price.

      It would be better if I could just get the damned luggage back.

      • I understand.
        BTW I solved my sleep apnea problem about two years ago by using oxygen when I go to sleep, no apnea apparatus and I no longer get asked in the middle of the night to go to my recliner in the living room

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