What’s new so far

Strange day.  We’re at the beginning of the rainy season, and so far every day has dawned beautiful, then it clouds up about 2:00.  We have Biblical rain, thunder, lighting and hair for 90 minutes, then it clears up again.

Today, it started cloudy, broke into huge rain about 1:30, and it’s still pouring.  Erik gave a lecture this morning at Addis Ababa University to the sculpture department–about 15 very earnest and hard working students.  He ran through a power-point presentation of some of his better known works, stopping to add technical details for the class.  Then we went to the studio where he critiqued final projects for some of them.  It’s always interesting to watch an expert at work, seeing so many thinks that you don’t.  The students were lucky to have the experience.

Because I’m trying desperately to get one particular article posted to this blog, we went to the Hilton.  The article is on my laptop, which I can hook up directly. It was all going well just until I pushed the “publish” button, when the system went down.  So now I’m at the little hotel across the street from our hovel, with the article on a flash drive I bought.  The computer here can’t read MSWord 2007.  If I have to come to each and every one of your homes and read it to you, I will.  And it may come to that.

So we had lunch at the Hilton.  I love the feeling of being indoors and outdoor simultaneously, which is just what you get sitting under the huge permanent umbrella structures poolside at the Hilton.  It was pouring and thundering, steam was rising in great clouds from the pool, the wind was blowing strongly, and yet we stayed dry.  Just wonderful.

The next stop in our day was a community center housing about 40 or 50 HIV positive kids.  They were pretty young, it was late and the rooms have so very little light, especially in the middle of a storm, that we limited ourselves to just drawing and coloring.  The kids loved it.  I go around taking photos, and they always want to see themselves.  The beauty of digital is that I can even give the camera to one of them (holding on to the strap, natch) and let the kid take a few or a hundred shots–they cost me nothing and the kids love it.

Back at our little lean-to in the city, we decided to walk across the street to the Atlas Hotel in hopes that they would have the World Cup on the TV.  No such luck–only Arabic stations here.  Maybe tonight we’ll cab back to the Hilton for the second game.

No, my bags haven’t arrived.  But they are going to send a message to Cairo.

One thought on “What’s new so far

  1. Hi, Chris!! I’m thoroughly enjoying reading of your adventures. Keep ’em comin’. I’m in Florida and now have a Verizon prepaid wifi connection, so I’m checking on you daily. Stay safe. Cheers, Iris

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