A matter of taste

Sunday night, Gail and I went out with Grant Robinson and Terry Boyd to a new restaurant in Walnut Creek, Vesu.  It’s located on Locust Street, where Colton’s piano used to be, just up from Lark Creek.

The fancy Latin way to say it is:  “de gustibus non est disputandum” . Or, to each his own.  I liked it.  Gail sort-of liked it, Grant came to the late in life realization that he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy and this is a chi-chi small plate place.  Terry thought it was overpriced and sterile.

Gail and I split 5 small plate dishes.  I loved the salad with the poached egg and roasted onion dressing, adored the pork belly and thought the carne asada was pretty bland. The house-specialty Arepas, cheddar cakes with citrus braised pork, didn’t have the punch I was expecting from the description.  We started with white bean truffle dip, which is waaaay upscale chips and dip, but it’s darn good.

Grant and Terry went for the large plate entrees.  Grant’s Flat Iron Steak was fantastic, Terry’s Halibut was closer to fair.

Service was at once over done, with too much twee explanations of almost tasteless and meaningless ingredients (we had the Lamb Kofta, which was overcooked, but were amused at the “sumac foam” on top. What the heck is “sumac foam”?) and at the same time too slow–the entrees took over an hour to arrive.

Desserts, too, tended to the precious side.  I enjoyed my apricot crostada, but the associated brown butter gelato was such a small portion that it was almost invisible.

The restaurant is brand new, and ultra-modern.  Terry calls it sterile, and I think she’s right on track.

Prices are indeed on the high side, especially considering the diminutive portion sizes.

We love small plate restaurants, but I think we’ll stick with Va De Vi and Nibblers.  Better food, service and value.  Maybe we’re all in agreement after all.

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