NASCAR drivers are sissies

That ought to get some controversy going.

This is the weekend of the big Coke Zero 400 race at Daytona Speedway, which is very close to Orlando.  Karl Rowley is a major motorsports fan, so we were watching the race on television (always better than actually being there–how much of a 2.5 mile racetrack can you actually see from an overpriced, uncomfortable, loud seat?)

But the race was delayed over 90 minutes because the track was wet.  Not that it should be a surprise to anyone that it was going to rain–this is Florida, and it rains almost every July afternoon and early evening.  The massive humidity just builds and builds until the air can hold no more, then down it comes.

The big boys in Formula One racing aren’t frightened of a little rain–they just take off their slick tires and put on rain tires.  The healthy boys in the Tour de France pedal their bicycles up and down the hills in whatever weather they come across.  The Boston Marathon isn’t called on account of rain.

No, the only sports afraid to get a little wet are baseball and NASCAR racing.  They even play high school girls field hockey in the rain.

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