Video is here!

It works!!  Herewith is the very first video shot with my new phone.  I think I’m going to like this:

I was playing with Susan’s friend Martha, a very nice player who runs immense games 3 times a week–she’s spent more time around bridge clubs than I can even imagine.

After the game, we went to Walgreens and I roamed the aisles, trying to think of all the things you need to put into a toilet kit.  It was much less fun than I thought it would be, and much more difficult.  There are some obvious choices, but then there are dozens of little things you carry along and don’t think of until you need them–I hope I got most of them, but you never know until it’s 3:30 am and you’re in a hotel room in Albuquerque and realize you don’t have any cough medicine or a nail file or ??????

We had a small dinner party tonight for Susan’s friend Kim (who many of you met when she was here for the Burlingame regional in February) and her new beau.  Karl cooked up his usual storm, making roasted pepper soup, a warm salad, stuffed shrimp and Chicken Saltimbocca. Dessert was blueberries and cream.  Life continues to be good.

In the morning we head for the coast to spend the day on another friend’s boat cruising the inland waterway.  The party continues.

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