The funniest man alive

Bill Irwin, currently starring in Scapin at ACT, is without a doubt the single funniest physical comedian alive.

Geoff Hoyle, who worked with Irwin ages ago in the Pickle Family Circus, is the second funniest man.  He co-stars in Scapin, too.

Jud Williford, Irwin’s partner-in-crime in this play, is the third funniest man in the world.

And then there are 8 other very funny people on stage, too.  If that wasn’t enough, they got a couple of volunteers from the audience and the big guy with the suspenders was hilarious.

My sides hurt.  My jaws hurt.  The human body isn’t supposed to laugh that hard and that long.

Molière wrote the framework of this play, and Irwin and friends have brought in their own frantic style of comedy and a slew of modern references.  A lifetime of mime and improv have provided Irwin with the theatrical chops to make even the most inane of plots hysterical.

I can talk about this play for ages, but so much of the humor is physical that you just have to see it.  Go.  Go now, it won’t last but another 3 1/2 weeks.


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