Your Tax Dollars at Work

Somewhere, maybe in a cave in Afghanistan, maybe in a house in Pakistan, maybe in a sidewalk cafe in Paris, Osama Bin Laden is laughing his head off–he won.  America has completely given in to fear from his one attack 9 years ago and a few failed feints since.  Our civil rights are out the window, our common sense close behind.  This is simply a travesty of what American life is supposed to be.  What do you think Thomas Jefferson would say about this?  What would Teddy Roosevelt say?


3 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work

  1. Whoa, there, Chris! You are being way too simplistic here. First, this isn’t about Osama anymore. That IS old news. But it seems pretty clear to me there are terrorists around the world who get the most bang for their buck (pun intended) by blowing up themselves and as many around them as possible. Airplanes are very vulnerable. You can dismiss this as a few failed feints if you like. I am certainly not willing to do that.

    Now, to the constitutional issue. The 4th amendment does not create an absolute right to privacy. Interests of the government in intruding are always balanced by courts against the individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that even judges are often very divided in these cases. So it’s not surprising that you and I disagree here!

    The airport screening may need improvement. And vibrant discussion usually leads us in the right direction. By the way, good discussion this morning on this issue on the Diane Rehn program (


  2. You’re right–this isn’t about Osama. This is about keeping the sheeple afraid and obedient. Do you hear Pistole and Napolitano? “Just go along, don’t make waves and everything will be alright” Their desire to keep Americans as helpless children is palpable.

    My “reasonable expectation of privacy” includes not being groped by government thugs without even a hint of probable cause. Every single security expert in the world would advise a profiling system, spending the greatest amount of time and energy on the likeliest of suspects–not trying to terrorize and intimidate children and 96year old orthodox Jews (remember the TSA getting all serious with Stan’s father).

    This is all security theater, designed to look like the feds are doing something, not actual security such as El Al uses–a perfect record and no mindless groping of the citizenry.

    If Justices Roberts and Scalia are such strict constructionists, who do you think Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would think of this wholesale invasion of people’s rights and bodies?

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