Good cheap Mexican food

Enchilada, taco and tamale--and a new sweater, too

It’s no secret that we like to eat out–I think Gail would eat in restaurants 7 nights a week, but I have to stay home and have tuna and noodles once in a while.

But not all dinners out need to be foodie extravaganzas.  Sometimes we go out to dine, sometime we just go out to eat.  Tonight, we just went out to eat.   A great place for this is Celias, a Mexican restaurant in Lafayette, where the Cape Cod house was for all those years.

Nothing fancy here.  We passed on the chips and salsa, since they are the first steps on the road to overeating and indigestion.  The wine list is pretty short–if you drink white, like Gail, you can Chablis or Chardonnay.  Period.

Gail had the classic combination plate–an enchilada, a taco, a tamale.  Rice and beans (except she orders all rice).  Tortillas.  She didn’t exactly rave about the food, but I noticed she took the leftovers home for breakfast.

I had the arroz con camarones, rice and shrimp in a red sauce with plenty of cheese.  She took those leftovers home, too.

Service is quick and friendly.   Portions are large (hence all the leftovers).  Prices are low.  This isn’t a gourmet establishment, but if you want a decent meal in a short time for not too much dinero, Celias is the place to go.

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