The giving of thanks

Certainly thankful I don't have to do the dishes


There are certain conventions in life, and one of them is that if you write a column or a blog you are supposed to write a Thanksgiving column, full of heartfelt sentiment designed to move the reader to moralistic reflection and altruistic action.

I’m no good at that.

These columns are either barely concealed bragging ( “I”m so thankful for my new Ferrari, my Nobel prize and my 9 children, all Rhodes Scholars”) or banal, maudlin tripe.  I don’t even like tripe in menudo.

Life is pretty damned good.  I live well and get to play bridge and travel, as do most of my readers. We are all awfully lucky, and generally smart enough to appreciate that fact.  You don’t  need me to tell you how lucky you are, and you sure don’t need to hear how lucky I am.

So what should we talk about?  Food? We didn’t have turkey today; I made a prime rib. Baked potatoes, peas and onions, roasted brussels sprouts, salad and fresh popovers.  I like the leftovers better this way–roast beef sandwiches, beef stroganoff, roast beef hash.

Family? Gail’s daughters came over with a passel of grandkids.  Everyone should be thankful for grandkids. Kate announced that she and Brad were getting married this year.  They’ve known each other since high school, I guess it’s time.

The weather?  No point in being thankful or miserable, the weather is just a given.

Politics?  I guess we can be thankful that the election is over and the next one won’t get moving for at least a few months.  Our system seems to be broken, and nobody has any idea of how to fix it.  I”m no fan of Mike Huckabee, but I sure like his idea that politicians shouldn’t get paid their salary if they are running for any office other than the one they hold.

The wonders of America?  See above–I’m worried as hell about my country. We used to have pride, we used to have civil rights, we used to have the respect of the world. Now Washington is gridlocked, the sheeple are trading their rights wholesale  for imaginary security, we’re headed straight to bankruptcy supporting wars we don’t belong in, in countries that don’t want us.  At this point I’m mostly thankful that we haven’t collapsed completely, yet.

Friends? I”m very thankful for my friends; they’ve seen me through good times and bad, helped me when I needed it, kicked me in the ass when I needed it, celebrated my victories and mourned my losses.  My life wouldn’t be any part of what it is without them.

I guess that sums it up–life is good,I prefer prime rib to turkey,  and I’m thankful for my friends.  And grandkids.

There, I wrote the mandatory column.  Thanks for reading.



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