Hot damn!

(Travel Guard asked me to blur the signatures, and I can’t do that right now so I took the photo down)

Remember the saga of the lost luggage in Ethiopia?

Well, I had insurance. A cheap $32 travel policy I bought purely for the medical repatriation benefits–if something happened to me in Africa, I wanted to get the hell out of there and get home with decent medical care.

It turns out that there was lost luggage insurance included. And that completely saved my butt from a big loss.

Ethiopian Air, the carrier legally responsible for the loss, just said they weren’t dealing with it and walked away. Claimed that I had not filed a claim in the proper amount of time, even though I was in their office EVERY SINGLE DAY trying to get my luggage. These are not good people.

I dragged my feet for months on making the claim to Travel Guard Insurance, fully expecting the same treatment. I thought that they would claim my suitcase was used and only worth $7.65, that they couldn’t verify the value of my jockey shorts because I didn’t have the original receipts, etc, etc. My complete expectation was that I would put a lot of time and energy into filling out silly forms and get $33.12 back.

Gail nagged. Beth Eiselman, the travel goddess, nagged, and then offered to fill in the forms herself. Then she went to a convention and nagged the insurance company rep. Beth is a great travel agent.

And today I got a check for $1800!!!!!

Thanks Beth. Thanks Gail. Thanks, Travel Guard Insurance.

2 thoughts on “Hot damn!

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    • Thanks for the review Chris. I’m glad we could come through for you! We appreciate the comments, but can I have you take down the image of the check or at least blur the signatures?

      Thank you!
      Joe (on behalf of Travel Guard)

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