It’s over

Done.  Finished.  Kaput.

10 days, over 10,000 tables, the Orlando NABC is history.

We almost qualified for the third day of the North American Swiss–if I had just made that 4Hx on the last round, we would have gotten into the finals.  So instead we played the A/X Swiss teams, and almost had a good game there.  On the last round, Mike picked up the AJxxxxxx of clubs and some other cards, and opened 3C.  The opponents then got to, and made 3NT.  At our table, the person with that hand opened 5C, and played it there, down 2.  We lost the match, and probably a place in the low overalls of the event.

I claim distraction, since I spent the day trying to identify the security people for Bill Gates, who was playing quietly in our event.  Couldn’t do it.  His security is as discreet as he is–I know darned well that they are there, but I was completely unable to find them.

Iris Libby planned to play in the pairs, but Carol was ill and she ended up at he partnership desk.  She met some old guy who said he had 4000 points and  talked her into playing the the A/X Swiss, too.  Welcome to the big leagues, Iris.

I scanned all the results, and didn’t find anyone else from our unit who did anything–but then, there really weren’t many of our unit members there.

Tomorrow I hang out in Orlando in the daytime, and take an evening flight home.  STAC week is here, so I guess I have to play in the club a bit more than usual.

NABC’s are always great, and this one was no exception.  It was incredibly well run, the facilities were first rate and the information desk was especially helpful.  Next up, Louisville.  See you there in March.

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