Heading home

Onboard, waiting for takeoff. I’m flying Virgin America today because they have a non-stop flight for $119. That’s better than spending 50000 frequent flier miles in American and having to change planes at dfw.

The plane is pretty cool. Leather seats, TV’s for every person this sexy pink and purple lighting scheme that makes the plane look like the Peppermill casino in Reno or a whorehouse in Dubuque.

You can order food over the television system and watch plenty of movies on pay per view, but each seat also has a power outlet so your computer will last the entire flight.

It took 20 minutes to get through the security foolishness today–not bad considering the crowd. The metal detector (they aren’t using the naked scanners) randomly (so they claim) selected me for additional screening, which consists of a bored woman who apparently did not speak English miming that I should hold out my palms to be swiped with a tissue which then magically determined that I am not a terrorist. the wonders of science.

There are a goodly number of bridge players on this flight. Kit and Sally Woolsey and Geeske Joel are in first class (only $270 more and you don’t have to pay to check your luggage. Not a bad deal ). Frank Lowenthal, Pat Galligan and Patty, another Patty and her husband, me. Guess everyone likes a bargain

Hurray!! The door is closed and the seat next to me is empty! Life is good.

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