We don’t think we really own our chickens, we just keep them as they pass through the cycle of life.  They spend their days happily scratching for bugs and seeds, then a hawk or coyote comes to visit and they go to chicken heaven.

Which means, of course, that we have a frequent need for more chickens.  This morning, I set off to the animal shelter to get some more.

There is a shelter organization in Fairfield which accepts large quantities of abandoned livestock when farms fail, and they send us email when they get a load of chickens.  I don’t know the background, but they have a couple of hundred hens this week, and need homes for them.





The place is being run by a young couple who seem to work all the time and enjoy taking care of the animals as they pass through.

The lovely Grace, chicken herder par excellence

Catching chickens is an art, one which I don’t possess.  But they are good at it, and soon enough I had six scraggly hens in the carrier and brought them home.  We’ll fatten them up and they will live the good life here in Lafayette until they make their trip to chicken heaven.

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