RayKo Gallery

Last week I blogged about Pier 24–today I want to talk about the other great photography space in the Bay Area, RayKo Photo Center.

In San Francisco, at the corner of 3rd and Harrison, RayKo is a considerably more than just a gallery.  It has rental darkrooms, teaching space, a used camera store and exhibition space, and seems like a hangout place for the photographic in-crowd in San Francisco.

At the moment, the exhibition they are showing is called “4xAfrica”.  Four very different artists taking their own view on the mysterious continent.


Elaine Ling's massive studies of the baobab tree and the people it impacts.

Brendan Bannon makes an 11 year old camel herder into an angel

I find the shows at RayKo to be first rate, and the prices of the art are vastly more reasonable than you will find in the downtown galleries.  If you like photography, wander on over to their website and get on the mailing list–you’ll be glad you did.


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