Believe or else

This seems to be the week for the bible thumpers to try to force their beliefs on the rest of us.

Once and future presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gave a speech to a group called United in Purpose at their Rediscover God In America conference a week ago.  He was introduced by David Barton, a man who pushes the story that America is a Christian Nation, which is patently false, not that he or his followers seem to care.

When Huck came on, he said that he wished all Americans could be forced, at gunpoint if necessary, to be taught by David Barton.  See for yourself:



It gets more interesting–somebody figured out that this wasn’t the coolest thing to say, maybe they shouldn’t let the hoi polloi know just how militant they really are.  So the video was edited–you can’t find this part of Huckabees speech on their website anymore, but other people have it and are spreading it around.

So the next time you hear Mike Huckabee trying to sound all warm and homey, remember that he would like to indoctrinate you at gunpoint into his particular view of American history.

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