Home Again

Off the plane, into the car and home in one hour–not bad.

We had a great time, but poor SR seems to have caught a cold somewhere, and was feeling pretty puny.  Still, I got a few photos for the home town crowd:

Evil Twins on our walk around the lake.

BFF's in the elevator.

Playing Bridge Base. The hat helps her think.

Two sets of jammies to keep her warm. Also playing Bridge Base.

Orlando Sunset, Even on an iPhone it's a great photo.

Saturday night we went across the street to Shari Sushi for dinner.  Living downtown has some wonderful advantages, and the biggest may be the ability to find a good restaurant a 2 minute walk from home.

Orlando is a city of young people, and Shari Sushi is just full of the young, beautiful and hip.  And us.  But the food is great, and if you get there before 7 it’s happy hour and the price is right.  Besides the usual sushi, there are a couple of interesting things:

The biggest hunks of Pork Belly I've ever seen.


We ate here in November after the Nationals, and I remembered this next dish as excellent and different.  It still is:

Albacore sashimi and guacamole


Gail is slowly coming around to liking sushi, and this time we even got her to try the chopsticks.  Here she is enjoying her very first bite of food in the Asian fashion:

Burdock root roll, a good thing to start with.

And that’s the end of the story.  We had a fine dinner, went back home, Gail and SR played Bridge Base and then went to bed, and here we are.

Off to Kauai later this week, but that’s another story.

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