Stalking the perfect Lava Flow

Not this kind of lava flow:

Spectacular--not tasty


THIS kind of Lava Flow:

Spectacular AND tasty

We’re in Kauai for a  few days with Gail’s daughter Kate and grand-daughters Demi and Chloe.  Toby and Molly arrive today, and we’ll be celebrating Toby’s 21st Birthday.  I plan to celebrate by showing the kid how to drink silly concoctions with umbrellas in them–specifically Lava Flows.

The Lava Flow is essentially a Piña Colada with strawberry puree added, because the original isn’t quite sweet enough.  Bartenders love this kind of drink because the customer can’t tell if there is much real booze in it, and they can make up for the doubles they are pouring their friends.  I like it because it’s sweet, and I don’t care about the booze much in the first place.

Camping out

We are staying in resort complex on the east side of the island where you can rent other people’s time shares, or something.  Anyway, it’s a nice place and we have a lovely 2 bedroom condo.  It’s Gail’s definition of roughing it, but only because there is no room service.

Last night’s dinner was excellent, except the Lava Flows were imperfectly blended and I kept finding big chunks of ice.  That’s petty, I know, but this is a quest for the perfect drink, and I have to be strict.

Off to pick up the kids at the airport.  More drink reviews tomorrow.

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