Dinner and bridge at Danny’s

A new decoration for the fireplace--so Dan remembers where he lives.

From the hugest regional in the nation to a 3 table home game, bridge is still fun.  Last night was the three tables, at Dan and Linda Friedman’s establishment in Orinda.

A rather eclectic crowd, ranging from Dan’s old friend Shelly, coming back to the game after 25 years, to Pat and Jim Leary, also back from a 30 year layoff.  Jean Barry, the Nagys, the Munsons, Gail and moi.

Have to start with dinner.  Twelve players, plus Sarah (Shelly’s wife), Linda’s sister and b-i-l make 15 to seat and feed–it takes both the dining room and the kitchen.  Rare tri-tip, green beans, rice and salad, simple yet excellent.  Nancy Munson, a classic Indiana baker, whipped up pecan pie as well as banana cream.  How can a person bake that well and stay so slim?

One table in the kitchen

Time for bridge–Bob has devised this movement which creates team out of pairs, but to do it properly would take 10 rounds and 60 boards.  So we were to play half of that, but a revolt quickly broke out among those who had no intention of playing 30 boards and being there until 2 am.  We ended up playing 8 three board rounds, which was fine except that the movement wasn’t very balanced and we played 9 boards against the Learys and no boards against Lind and Jean.  Next time, the 3 table howell.

One table in the office

Sheryl and Gail exhausted by all the fun.

There was a winner, and a huge prize.  Ed and Sheryl went home with a lovely wine decanter, carefully engraved “Village Realty, Salesperson of the month, October, 1997”.  I’m sure they will treasure it always.

Proud possessors of fine crystal

So we can’t always be off at a glamorous regional, but we can have fun with our friends.  Think about having a bridge game in your house–just don’t ask Bob for the movement.  Ask me, I’ll help.

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