Seeing an artist in depth

Sandy Walker, artist and friend.

Gail and I collect art.  One of the fringe benefits of this particular addiction is that we are also able to collect artists.  The art is more meaningful when you know the artist and his motivations and personal style.

Yesterday, we visited the studio of Sandy Walker, one of whose pieces hangs in our office–a large woodcut print.  The occasion was an opportunity to take an in-depth look at his work, and perhaps find something else to hang.  With us were daughter Kate, grand-daughter Chloe and her friend Jackie, as well as Tom and Pat Bassett, friends from the Ruth Bancroft Garden

Sandy’s studio is in industrial West Oakland, a large space for both his art and his wife’s dance studio.  He paints in the downstairs and draws in the upstairs part of his atelier.

Some artists are largely self-taught, some have classical educations–Sandy is in the latter group, with a Harvard BFA and a NYU MFA.  He not only knows what he is doing, he can tell you why he is doing it.

Sandy’s focus is on the human form, often combined with motion.  I mentioned his wife’s dance studio–Ellen Kent is a dancer originally with the Merce Cunningham company, and still teaches and performs.  Many of the models are dancers, and he sketches them as they move.  I’m going to stop talking now and just show you the work:

Okay, I really think this one is Sasquatch

This is my favorite

Tom Bassett in the upstairs drawing loft.

Kate, Chloe and Jackie

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