Ceramics in Davis

Every year, the Natsoulas Gallery in Davis sponsors a Ceramics conference and show, featuring the work of students from many northern California schools.  As the event has grown and matured, it has become important in the entire art world, attracting many top working artists besides the students.

We motored on up there yesterday, along with friends. I went to school in Davis, and always enjoy going back, although I hardly recognize anything anymore.  Here are some of the things we saw:

At the Pence Gallery, we ran into two friends:

Michelle Gregor is on sabattical this year, and has produced a ton of great new work

Michelle amongst her new work

Antonia "Tuppy" Lawson

Tuppy Lawson's bikini series

Then made a new friend:

People watching at an art show is a major fringe benefit

This guy was verrrrry cool.  Carrying two professional Nikons, his fingernails filed into points, typing into his iphone faster than anyone I have ever seen.

There was more art:

I just liked this

Then on to another show, at a local gallery:

I don't know what this is supposed to be, but I like it.

Cute, even if I don't get it.

And back to the start, the Natsoulas Gallery, right in front as you drive into Davis:

Tuppy and her more serious work

This show is really a big deal in Davis–there are displays and shows all over town, and the place is just a festival of artists for 3 days.  Ceramic arts are so much more than the plates and teacups you so often see, we really enjoyed ourselves and perhaps next year you will, too.

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