Fun in Stockton

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it is possible to enjoy yourself in Stockton, home of the highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

After the Ceramic Show yesterday, we drove to Stockton to attend a show by the Pastel Society of the West Coast,  where our friend Ruth Hussey was getting an award.

The show was held in the Haggin Museum, one of those great places you never hear about.  A stunning turn of the century mansion, now the site of a city park and renovated into an art museum, the Haggin is quite interesting beyond the instant exhibition.

But we were there to see pastels.  I know what you are thinking–“Pastels?  How many pictures of bunny rabbits and little girls in pink dresses can you use?”, but that isn’t the case.  Pastel, in the art sense, means a stick of pure pigment to be rubbed on the paper–they come in all colors and saturations, and the name comes from the French word from paste, which is the how the pigment is combined with a binder and formed.

This was a juried show–over 170 artists submitted works, and about 90 were accepted, so the standard was very high.  You can depict any subject in this medium: there were landscapes and portraits and still lifes, although no abstract work, everything is representational.

Ruth won an award for this piece:

And had another piece accepted, too:

Ruth and her piece, "Confrontations" (the lower one)

The entire show was captivating, and broadened our knowledge and experience.  Then they gave out awards, and it was Ruth’s chance to shine some more:

The Pastel show will soon be gone, but the Haggin Museum is awfully interesting and worth a Sunday drive out Highway 4 to Stockton to enjoy. 1201 N. Pershing Street, Stockton.

2 thoughts on “Fun in Stockton

  1. Both Ruth and the pastel world thank you for this blog, Chris—–the misunderstood medium needs just such information to be disseminated—and Ruth always enjoys a plug. By the way, some abstracts are occasionally submitted and accepted in this and other pastel shows. But, true, at this point in time, most pastel work is representational. I, personally, look forward to the time when there are far more to enjoy.

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