Elegant Pairs at the Sectional

What would an Elks club be without an Elk?

A very long time ago, I persuaded the unit board to try to make the Friday night game at our sectional special, by returning to the formal days of old and having an Elegant Mixed Pairs event.  That first year we had 10 or 14 tables, I can’t say I remember, but everyone was in formal attire and we had a blast.

Now, two decades or more later, we still try to enjoy the Elegant Pairs, althoughit is no longer a mixed event and not everyone bothers to dress up.

This year we made good use of the hand duplicating machine and held a barometer event–there were 19 tables in play.  Plenty of people looked awfully good, too.  This isn’t all the good looking people, just the ones I could corral in front of my camera:

Terry looked marvelous

Nancy cleans up very nicely, too.

Not all the good looking people were female--Cole was pretty snappy.

BJ was all glammed up

I really liked Linda's dress

Danny had to dress well to accompany Linda

Hedy get the prize for coolest pants.

That’s all the good stuff, mostly.  Now for the bad:

The floor next to one of the tables

We are supposedly adults, dressing up and trying to have a classy time–why do some people need to behave like pigs?  Sharon Tarpinian asked me to take this photo to show everyone what we have to deal with–there is just no excuse for this slovenly behavior.

Then there is the issue of starting time–it’s bad enough at regionals, where people who don’t have rooms don’t want to wait for a later game, but there is simply no excuse for starting the Friday night event at a Sectional at 7:00.  A dozen of us were out to dinner before the game, trying to make an entire pleasant evening out of it, when someone realized the ridiculous early starting time, so we had to scarf our meal and scamper out of there.

What is the point of starting so early?  Can’t adults go out to a decent meal before the game?

Then, even though we started so absurdly early, we only played 24 boards.  Why?  Did someone need to get home for the 10pm news?  Are we all so old we can’t play a regular movement anymore?  If people don’t want to play bridge they can stay home–there is no reason to give us less for our money and make the game less enjoyable–the purpose of this exercise is to give people the maximum enjoyment, not the minimum we can get away with.

Of course, all this is just chit-chat.  You want to know about the cleavage prize.  There is a limit to what I can do in my monthly column, but in my blog I can do whatever I want.

There were indeed some nice displays last night, from both past and possible future winners of the coveted award.  Instead of talking about them, I’ll present an example:

Previous winner and perennial favorite.

This years winner.  A newcomer to the competition but obviously a fierce combatant:

Objects may appear larger than they are--I have Photoshop and I'm not afraid to use it.

So that was the start of the sectional–nice people, great clothes, started too early, didn’t play enough, still won just under a point for coming in 3rd.  Annual prize awarded.  Home too early.  Life is good.

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