The new Nordie’s

Bright lights, not quite so big city. Nordstrom brings glitz to Walnut Creek


Once it was Bullocks, then Nordstrom came to Walnut Creek.  Now the rebuild/remodel of the store is almost complete, and the new Nordstrom is a glittering, stunning, smashing palace of high-class consumption.

We hadn’t been there in some time, so Gail and I decided to take a peek at the results of all the work that has been going on for over a year.  Wow.  I don’t know how much they spent, but they got their money’s worth–the store is incredible.

Stainless steel hats--just for display, or is John Steed their new buyer?


A really big Stetson. Must be a theme this year.


The modernization isn’t just in the store design, it’s in the merchandise, too.  Finally, men aren’t limited to boring socks:

Everything for the modern metrosoxual.


Even more colorful hosiery for men. The world is coming around to my way of thinking.

And hats!!!  I’m not a hat guy myself, but there are some pretty stylish lids here.

These hats are for sale--are the Fifties coming back?

Change is everywhere–the cosmetics department is hugely expanded, there is even a pretty good sized selection for men these days.  There are two complete shoe areas for women, on the first and third floors.  The cafe seem fairly unchanged, but almost everything else is new.

Not all the changes thrill me.  I always liked the piano player; I thought it classed up the joint.  The modern store has a different approach to music, which is probably a lot hipper, more attractive to the younger customers and vastly cheaper.  Still, it really doesn’t carry the same cachet:


They traded in their grand piano and live pianist for this.................


You can’t have everything, I guess.  The store looks fabulous, the selection of merchandise if incredible and they still have that great Nordstrom service.  They have done so much you would think they were afraid of competition from somebody like Neiman-Marcus, but little backward Walnut Creek will never have a N-M, will it?

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