Three Cheers for Steve

Big Steve and his crew--the real pros hate to take the credit

Working at the front desk of a busy hotel is a hard job, with people complaining to you all day long while others are importuning for rooms that they failed to reserve in time or upgrades they don’t deserve.  Lots of headaches and little thanks.

Yesterday I was one of the people trying to get a room I should have reserved 5 months in advance, and I had the good fortune to ask the right guy–Big Steve, the front desk manager here at the Sacramento Doubletree where I’ve played bridge every June for most of 3 decades.

The hotel was sold out.  Has been sold out for quite a while.  But there is always somebody who leaves early or doesn’t show up, and opportunities arise, if you know the right people and ask politely.

Steve would have been able to squeeze me into the joint last night, but I had a reservation at the Hilton, and they were going to charge me whether I used it or not (24 hour in advance cancel rule)  So he told me to spend one night at the Hilton, then come over here today and he would get me in.

Just to be sure, he called me at 6:57 this morning to reassure me that there was indeed a room available for me.  No bid deal–I had to get up in another 2 or 3 hours anyway.

And now I’m in the Doubletree, they even managed to find a room with a king bed.

Notice the photo above–it’s the entire front desk crew.  When I said I wanted a photo for my blog, he insisted on getting everyone in–a good manager gives all the credit to his staff, and Steve is a very good manager.

I complain loud and long about the crummy service endemic in modern business.  It’s a pleasure to give credit to a guy






One thought on “Three Cheers for Steve

  1. And, Chris, being way too modest to not report he WON to KO last nite and picked up gazillions of points in Bracket Numero Uno. Chris is the man!!!!!!!

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