Tuesday night with Margaret

Barbara, Gail and Margaret

We try to get together with Margaret once a month for dinner, and last night was the night.

Rossmoor has an intimidating security gate, but we rolled right up to the window, shouted “We’re taking Margaret to dinner!”, and they raised the pike and waved us on through.  I guess it’s good to know the right people.

Picking up Barbara, we headed for Postino, an old favorite in Lafayette I’ve written about before.

One small change, though.  They have live music now–a young man who plays guitar and sings in Spanish.  Not too loud to interfere with conversation, but completely enjoyable.

I tried a new salad–Insalata Albicocca, grilled apricots filled with blue cheese on top of greens.  I knew it was the right choice when Barbara Hanson ordered the same thing.  Grilled fruit is a different experience, and not really to be missed.

The special was braised rabbit on some kind of home made pasta with lots of garlic and pancetta, so naturally I had to have it.  I liked it, but it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  Gail, Margaret and Barbara all had the fettucini, and it was great, much better than the special.

Being the svelte people we are, everyone passed on dessert.

Margaret is doing fine, playing bridge occasionally in Rossmoor and visiting George in hospice.  The Wednesday games will never be the same without her, but what can you do?  She has certainly earned her retirement.

Taking her home, we stopped at security and yelled “Bringing Margaret home!” and got waved through again.  Sure wish I could get through airport security as easily.

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