Too much talent

That’s what some people have–just too darned much talent.

Friday night we went to an opening at the Thelma Harris Gallery in Oakland.  The show there is titled “Exposed”, and it is a celebration of the body.  Thelma’s gallery specializes in the work of African-American artists, and is always interesting and right on the cutting edge.

The opening was packed, and we had to squeeze our way into the rather small space.  I was enjoying the photos of Carlton Watkins:

The upper photo, "Withdrawal from white space" may have to come live at my house.


Then we walked around the corner, and saw a sculpture–a nude male torso, in plaster with an oil paint finish.  Gail just had to have it; completely love at first sight.

Meanwhile, I was wandering, and saw one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen posing by another sculpture.  Yes, it was the artist, Dana King.  Name sound familiar?  She’s the anchor on channel 5 news.  The woman seems to have limitless talents.

Dana, Gail and our new art


Another of Dana's works

Some people are just blessed with abilities, but there is still the matter of doing the work.  All this sculpting takes time and energy, and you have to be willing to make the investment up front.  We all think we’re willing to do the hard things if success is assured, but it’s a lot harder to put in the effort and then see if it pays off.  Dana is clearly has the energy, drive, willingness and self-discipline to see the project through.  I’m only a little bit impressed, he whimpered.


There was more work I enjoyed at the show:


Sort of like Gaugin?



A more impressionistic view of the body.


If you like art galleries, you really should take a look at the Thelma Harris Gallery, 5940 College Avenue in Oakland.  Be prepared to be awed.




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