Another star in our midst

I’ve always said that inside every bridge player is something unique, you just have to dig a little to find it.

Bud Miller, for instance, writes songs.  Always has.  He wrote an entire musical 50 years ago, just because he wanted to.  Beverly, his wife of forever, was first chair Clarinet at Cal.  So it isn’t a surprise that their daughter Tracy is an excellent singer and songwriter, too.

Tonight they had a musicale, which they held in our yard. Sixty friends and relatives gathered round for a great party, and some wonderful singing.

Here’s Bud, singing one of his favorite songs:



And here’s his grandson, Jonathan, singing one of the songs from Bud’s musical:



The crowd was interesting, too:


We had a wonderful time.  Actually, we’re still having it as I’m typing while the crowd is still partying.  With luck, they will stay all night.  And they’ll be back next year–see if you can get Bud to invite you.



One thought on “Another star in our midst

  1. And so Chris,

    You and Gail, being true friends of the Miller’s lend them your house, its beautiful surroundings, your connections on a caterer and take pictures and all in all make it a really charming event. Some people never know what a true friendship really is, but you two sure know how to make people feel welcome. The next thing one may find besides chickens wandering around, Mr and Mrs Drake in the pool will be trout in the stream running around the property. Thank you from the Waxman’s.

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