Mi Casa is pretty darned good

Today I had the day off–Gail played in the Oakland Sectional, while I had a couple of small errands and then nothing else to do all day.  So I did nothing,  expertly.  Last night was our big party in conjunction with the opening of the Ruth Bancroft Garden Sculpture show, and we had a house full of people with much excitement, but today I was pooped.

Gail came home, we played a pair of the one hour speedball tournaments on Bridge Base (picking up a quick masterpoint), and then headed out for an easy, informal Mexican dinner.

There’s a little place on the corner of North Broadway and Pine Street in Walnut Creek I’ve been eating at for many years. I went there with a French class so we could all order in French, I went there to have Thai; now I go for the good Mexican and Central American food.  In its current incarnation, it is known as Mi Casa, and I like it.

This isn’t your typical Mexican, as Gail would say, “dump’.  There are tablecloths and cloth napkins.  The server speaks English.  There are no combination plates on the menu.

And I didn’t have the fajitas.  Gail laughs at me, because every time we go to a Mexican restaurant, I spend ages reading the entire menu, then order the fajitas. Inevitably.  I always think they’re the best thing I see.

Not here.  Mi Casa offers Central American dishes, too, and tonight I had the Inca Platter–tilapia with onions and bell peppers served over quinoa (which turns out to be a grain-like plant from Peru, purportedly very healthy, which cooks like rice, is related to beets and spinach, and is not something you find on your everyday menu).

Gail had the tacos–but even with the classic Mexican fast food, Mi Casa does it differently.  You can have your tacos soft, hard, or dorado, which means a soft flour tortilla cooked just a bit before it is wrapped around the chewy goodness.  Better than the soft taco but not hard and crispy like the hard ones.  It’s the perfect middle position, and Gail is already planning the next trip.  ($2 taco night is Tuesday, I see on their website)

The bill for this feast was $32, including Gail’s white wine.  It isn’t fancy, but it’s good, it’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s at least a little different.  Hard to imagine what else you could want.


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